Vodka • Rum • Whiskey • Tequila • Gin • And Much More!

Spirits Selection

When you’re shopping for spirits, we know that it’s important to have a variety of types, brands and tiers to choose from. Whether you’re looking for your favorite rum, need to spice up your punch bowl, or if you’re tirelessly searching for the right ingredients for a cocktail you read about the other day, we are here to help. We have several aisles dedicated to different spirits in an organized manner that makes it easy to find what you’re looking for or to discover a new brand you haven’t tried yet. We’re the best destination around for selection and value.


Vodka is one of America’s most popular spirits. A good vodka is like a good pair of jeans: Smooth, goes with everything, and perfect for any occasion. We have a range of different brands, from reliable Smirnoff to more premium options like Grey Goose and Ciroc. We also have plenty of flavored options to add a boost to any cocktail recipe. When you stop by Ted’s, you’ll find the right vodka for you for a great value.


Nothing says umbrellas, beach chairs and a good time like good rum. Whether you like light or dark rum, we have a great variety from different countries. If you’re looking for the American staples, we have different flavors from Captain Morgan™ and Bacardi™, but feel free to explore some of our more niche options as well! We have a lot to choose from, so stop by and find something new.


Whiskey has a rich history stemming decades of refining and several countries specializing in their own recipes and tactics. We have a selection of Scotch Whiskey, like Johnnie Walker™, Irish Whiskey, such as Jameson™, or Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey, like Jim Beam™ and Maker’s Mark™. Fear not, Tennessee Whiskey fans, we also carry Jack Daniels™ products. Whichever type of whiskey is your favorite, or whichever type you feel like trying out today, Ted’s has you covered.


Tequila is a smooth, invigorating choice if you want a party in a bottle. We carry a variety of tequila, both gold and silver, from providers like Jose Cuervo™ and Patron™, as well as some lesser known options that you may end up liking even more. We also have limes and salt in our grocery and produce aisle, so you’ll be all set for a fun night. Tequila brings out the adventurous side in all of us, so take a trip down our tequila aisle today!


While gin is an acquired taste for some, it’s a must-have in many people’s liquor cabinet or mini-bar. We have the staples like Beefeater™ and Tanqueray™, with other options on hand such as Bombay™ Sapphire. Whether you’re drinking gin & tonics or gin & juice, make a pit-stop by our produce and grocery section for one stop shopping.